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at Capitol Hill

Unbreakable Faith Inc & RAINN come together for a Congressional Day of Action to share their stories of sexual assault with Senators at Capitol Hill. Because of their testimonies, two Bills passed the House & Senate that will help protect our youth and young adults who have been sexually assaulted.

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with Dr. Debra Dunston

Dr. Debra is a licensed Counselor, certified Healing & Deliverance Coach, Spiritual Energy Healer, Meditation Guide & Author. She has over 18 years of working with individuals & families in getting to the root of their emotional challenges: removing negative spirits & energies, conquering limiting beliefs & severing unhealthy soul ties. Dr. Debra has also experienced sexual abuse and has a story of healing & a journey to freedom. Using a variety of modalities and a holistic approach, she leads people on their healing journey so they can shed the blocks that keep them from being their best selves.

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with Juri Love

Join Michelle Dewitt & Melissa Price for a live interview with special guest, Juri Love, who shares her story of overcoming sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying and homelessness. As quoted on her book,

A Gift From Adversity:

"She is a single mother of two, a musician, a model, actress, journalist, founder of a nonprofit and the survivor of some of the worst situations anyone could imagine. All readers will benefit from this extraordinary woman's message of strength, persistence, mindset and helping other to help themselves. Juri Love is truly a 'Hero Among Us.'"

- Mark Walker

Thank God, she survived.

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with Karis Meier

Karis and her husband have four children and reside in Northern Virginia. She holds a BA in Christian Education and a MA in Counseling. She is a wife, mother, author, counselor, and speaker. Karis has struggled with chronic illness for many years and is passionate about sharing how God leads her through this journey. Her heart is to walk alongside others in their suffering and seek God’s comfort and hope in the process.

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with Shaazia Terry

Shaazia is the youngest child on her father’s side & currently resides in Schenectady, NY. After losing her mother in 2020 & experiencing six months of homelessness, she decided to surrender it all to God. Through the grace of God, she was healed & brought through her difficult times. She continues to bring hope to others through her music & stories because “Nothing is too hard for God.”

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with Christopher Trivette

Born in eastern Europe, Christopher is the youngest of 5 children. As a child he was abused, placed in an orphanage and adopted at age 4. At 11, he was sent to a Christian boarding school where he accepted Christ as Saviour the following year. At age 15, God called him to preach! Join us live as he shares his story of overcoming.

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Part 2

Join Michelle Dewitt & Melissa Price as they discuss the signs of sex-trafficking, who is a target and what the psychological aftermath of survivors looks like.

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Part 1

Join Michelle Dewitt & Melissa Price as they discuss the staggering statistics of sex-trafficking in Charlotte, NC and around the world.

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with George P. Brooks

George has lived with mental illness since age 7 and has experienced abuse, weight loss surgery, childhood obesity, addiction, divorce, custody battles, raising a son with mental illness, poverty, starting a nonprofit and much more as a black man. He is a mental health advocate, CEO, life coach, public speaker, writer & producer who lives the challenges of each day and counts the strength and wisdom gained from his journey as a blessing.

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back to school event

All proceeds are used to sponsor our youth who have been sexually abused.

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Surviving Trauma:
Overcoming To Share The Light

Special guest: Michelle Dewitt shares about the problem of sexual abuse and violence among our youth.

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A.T.M. Program Testimonials

Amazing. Transformed. Motivated.

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DJJ Program Testimonials

Department of Juvenile Justice

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